Bronco Creek Exploration Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of
Eurasian Minerals, Inc. (NYSE:EMXX, TSX.V:E


Our portfolio includes 21 copper and gold properties, with seven active

exploration projects now in partnership with five other companies.

a wholly owned subsidiary of  

Eurasian Minerals Inc.


November 24, 2015: Eurasian Minerals Options the Hardshell Skarn Project in Arizona for a Royalty Interest (More...)
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October 30, 2015: Eurasian Minerals Regains 100% Control of the Akarca Gold-Silver Project in Turkey (More...)
August 4, 2015: Eurasian Minerals Options Aguila de Cobre Copper Project to Kennecott Exploration Company (More...)
May 26, 2015: Eurasian Minerals  Reports Initial Resource Estimate and Project Approvals for the Malmyzh Copper-Gold Porphyry Project, Far East Russia (More...)
May 4,2015: Eurasian Minerals Options Superior West Porphyry Copper Project to Kennecott Exploration Company (More....)
December 29, 2014: Desert Star Identifies Large IP Anomaly at Red Top Project in Arizona (More...)
November 12, 2014: Desert Star Outlines Large, Zoned IP Anomaly at the Copper King Project (More...)
September 23, 2014: Desert Star Commences Additional IP Geophysics at Red Top and Copper King and Stakes Additional Claims (More...)
September 22, 2014: Savant Receives Permit for Drilling on Frazier Creek Copper Porphyry Property, Nevada (More...)
August 28, 2014: Desert Star Completes Gravity Survey at Copper Springs (More...)
July 7, 2014: Eurasian Minerals Options Cathedral Well Project to Ely Gold (More...)

Commanding Property Positions
Aggressively acquiring properties where multiple lines of evidence suggest a high probability of discovery.

Groundbreaking Science
Applying leading-edge geologic concepts to generating projects with good upside potential.

Partnership Business Model
Leveraging its strengths by establishing creative partnerships with other companies to advance and develop our projects.

Focus on Discovery
Our partnerships are designed to quickly test exploration targets and geologic concepts, moving rapidly toward discovery.

Bronco Creek Exploration (BCE) is Eurasian Mineral's North American Exploration business unit.  BCE is an Arizona-based exploration company focused on the discovery of mineral deposits in Western North America using innovative geologic methods. 

Our technical team generates exploration targets by employing decades of regional geologic experience, applying leading-edge geologic concepts and models, and by swiftly capitalizing on identified opportunities. BCE and its subsidiaries control more than 27,000 hectares (>67,750 acres) of federal and state mineral rights.

Our team is composed of accomplished geologists who are experienced in the minerals industry at all levels — including exploration, development, and production. Our geologists have made significant contributions to the understanding of multiple ore deposit types (including porphyry, IOCG, and alkaline gold systems) and the reconstruction of extended and dismembered ore deposits of the Basin and Range province of North America. This strategic advantage allows BCE to realize opportunities in diverse geological environments, including reinterpreting the geology of classic mineral districts and recognizing new opportunities in under-explored terrains.

Eurasian Minerals develops strategic exploration alliances and other partnerships that leverage our skill set. We invite business partners to join their resources with ours, to pursue the acquisition of new exploration opportunities, and to advance the portfolio of mineral properties we have assembled toward discovery and production.

Our growing portfolio consists of 14 exploration projects in Arizona, 5 projects in Nevada, 1 project in Utah and 1 project in Wyoming.

Cumulatively, these 21 projects comprise more than 27,000 hectares (>67,750 acres) of unpatented mining claims and fee lands.

16 exploration properties are available for partnership.